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Chapter 21
June 18, 2017

Fear the Walking Living

"Showing no fear"1

"Nomination stokes fear of watchdogs on leashes"1
"Doyle: There's a growing fear that anti-Trump jokes can be punishable"2

"Try to embrace fear in order to turn your dreams into reality
Lessons learned after taking an unpaid break from work to finally write that novel"1
"To march or not to march
In the U.S. And elsewhere, scientists are prepared to take a stand even as some fear the risk of politicizing their profession"2

"Skateboarders fear loss of DIY park"1
"Societal fears revealed by off-script books"2

"Getting past the little things
Leafs are going to make mistakes, but they can't fear them"1
"Trump visa order met with mixed reaction by U.S. Tech
While firms may approve of efforts to reform the H1-B worker program, many in the industry still fear Washington will go too far"2

"Flash-crash traders rush in where others fear to tread"1
"feminism: The advice doled out by Kipnis, Paglia and Hynde is borne out of fear"2

"Wynne doesn't fear being usurped"1
EuroChem plans potash hike, plays down oversupply fears"2

"Parents cheer mayor's delay of daycare cut
But some fear one-year reprieve may mean 'exhausting' battle will resume next year"1
"China urges caution in North Korea
Beijing says situation could become 'irreversible' as U.S. Warships head to the region amid fears of another nuclear test by Pyongyang"2
"TTC doesn't want to mask problem
Nixes workes wearing protection in public over air quality fears"3

"Seniors fear above-guideline rent increases"1
"London terrorist attack renews security fears across Europe"2

Scottish actor likes exploring strangeness of his character, fears diminishing returns"1
"Rush ensues to catch perpetrators as cyberthreat lingers
Experts say spread of WannaCry worm has slowed, but respite may be brief amid fears of new havoc"2
"Crack in ice sparks fears
Greenland's Petermann glacier"3
"Egypt's Christians Defy Their Fears"4

"Staff fearful of long-term repercussions, tracked emails"1
"Colten Boushie's mom fears rise in racial tension"2
"Evacuees fear they will be 'sitting ducks' for reprisal attacks"1

"Men at Night
My fear turned into sadness. Whatever was going to happen was inevitable, which in a different way made me feel like it was already over"1
"What it's like to protect your child who has physical differences
I wanted to introduce my baby to the world, but feared Internet cruelty"2
"'System has forsaken me'
Victim lives in fear as attacker set to be let out"3

"No fear in young Leafs with Ovechkin's crew around the corner: 'They're not unbeatable'"1
"Fears of delay prompt bid to remove murder trial lawyer"2

"Tax scammers instilled 'fear' into victims"1
"NAFTA: PM's meeting with Trump eases some fears"2

"The easy, costly comfort of fear in the upper class"1
"Migrants feared drowned
Aid agencies say hundreds may have died off Libya coast"1
"Given Quebec's past, how do we allay the fears of Muslims?"1
"President gets cold feet over brokering deal with Russia
Recent Moscow provocations and fear of political backlash make new detente unlikely"1

"Immigrant fears boost Dutch far right"1
"Artificial intelligence in 2017 means respect, not fear"2

"Security fears grow for Brexit Britain"1
"Evans: Many people avoid writing in fear of making a mistake, author says"2
"Changing minds about mental illness
In 1850, patients were behind walls. Today, CAMH works to break stigma, fear"1

"First Nation flees amid flood fears"1
"The totalitarian capitalism of tech giants should trump your fears of populism"2

"Witness can still feel 'fear and uncertainty'
Acute stress disorder and PTSD may result if people don't get help, experts say"1
"Liberals order CRA to suspend audits of charities' activity
Panel urges Ottawa to allow freedom to engage in public policy without fear of taxman"1
"The rule of 4
The Stop wants to ease kitchen fears with these four-ingredient meals"1

"Ousted TTC union head accuses parent association of coercion
Former longtime president says officials signed 'loyalty pledges' due to fear of losing their jobs"1
"Disabled man may be kept from Canada
Immigration officials fear needs could pressure medical system"1

"OMB plan restores 'local democracy'
Planner, council, residents applaud reduction of power but builders fear NIMBYism"1

"Don't underestimate fear's power"1

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2. Globe and Mail
3. Toronto Sun
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5. The Canadian Jewish News

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