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Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Alternate Reality News Service Frequently Unasked Questions
  • Chapter 2: Alternate Technology

  • Alternate Reality Ain’t What It Used To Be
  • The Soul of the Old Machine
  • Your High School Impression Was Correct – History IS Boring!
  • But, Who Will Teach The Children?
  • Where Many Have Gone Before, Just Not Lately
  • "Oh - Ha Ha Ha - That Kook - Hee Hee - Kurzweil!"
  • The Tall and The Short Of It
  • The Bots Are Back in Town
  • Trial of the Nanosecond
  • A New Meaning Of The Term “Undercover Operation”
  • Survivor: Heaven
  • Abandoned Robot Pet Crisis Feared
  • If You Don't Like This Universe, Try Another One!
  • Chapter 3: Alternate Relationships

  • Ask Amritsar: Beauty and the Beast In One Inconvenient Package
  • Size DOES Matter
  • Whose Identity Is It, Anyway?
  • Seeing Red for the Last Time
  • Unholy Matrimony?
  • The Path of True Google Love Is Never Smooth
  • What Price, Vanity?
  • Men Are From Microsoft, Women Are From Apple
  • Father Knows Least
  • Alien Love
  • Nothing Subtle About Fools
  • Chapter 4: Alternate Games

  • I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution If I Can’t Dance Dance
  • Profiles in Courage: Martin Felderhoffer
  • Fit For a King?
  • History Is Made At Night
    (019:57:32 Internet Standard Time, To Be Exact
  • Until the Smiting Begins
  • Chapter 5: Alternate Politics

  • US Signs Deal with DUGOO
  • Political Brand Standing
  • But, Is It Good For The Jews?
  • Red Blood + Whitewash + Blue Nation = Blackwater
  • Do Politicians Really Believe The Bullshit They Say?
  • Just Another Typical Wedgie Issue
  • How Robert Novak’s Eyebrows Saved America
  • The Quality of Merciless Is Not Litigated
  • The Magic Is Gone
  • What Goes Around…Makes You Dizzy When It Comes Around
  • DoD Can’t Hack It!
  • The Old Ball Game Is Juiced
  • Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Keep Living It
  • Chapter 6: Alternate Economics

  • Progress – It’s in the Air!
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! A Time To Work And A Time To Work More
  • Last Tree Standing
  • Would You Like Fries With - AAACK!
  • Gang War Nets Littlest Victim To Date
  • One Singularity Sensation
  • Chapter 7: Alternate Arts and Culture

  • Cruel and Unusual – The Musical
  • About Bloody Time…Or, Is It?
  • Fashion Revolution
  • Is There An Eco In Here?
  • Revenge Is Sour
  • Death Is Easy…
  • An Operation To Forget
  • Hear Hear!
  • Now and Again
  • Out For Blood
  • Confessions of a Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Urban Adventures: Eyeball Pinball
  • Chapter 8: Alternate Lives

  • Lives Unlived: Folger McWonderman
  • Lives Unlived – Peter Underhill
  • Lives Unlived - George W. Bush
  • Lives Unlived – Harve Nordlinger
  • Lives Unlived -
    Poncho Margaret Hatrack Devilliers Santo Domingo Harris
  • Lives Unlived - Charles Foster "Charlie" Brown
  • Lives Unlived – Ferenzcia de Filippi
  • Lives Unlived - Ronald Winston Smith Reagan
  • Chapter 9: Alternate Alternatives

  • The Ungulate of Trimestres Declares Universal Impanishad
  • It’s For Science!
  • Popularity of Gravity Waning
  • Where the Pasta Hits the Road
  • Do You Mind?
  • Life Begins at the Hop
  • Science Gets Out of Hand
  • The Voice of Sanity Gets Its Chance
  • Priming Armageddon
  • How? Quaint!
  • Chapter 10: Alternate Bonus

  • The Alternate Reality News Service’s Field Guide to Alien Species
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