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Chapter 16
May 14, 2017

Why, In My Day, We Had To Plow Through Thirty Foot High Snow Drifts Just to Get to a Headline...And We Liked It!

Because Research Indicates Consumers Now Ready For Phones That Catch Fire?

"Samsung may refurbish and resell Note 7 phones
Device had been axed in fall due to overheating and fire" - Toronto Star

Putting His Pants On Without Mussing His Hair Challenges THIS President!

"Mideast will test new U.S. President" - Canadian Jewish News

The Kids AREN'T Alright - Now, We Just Have To Figure Out How

"Are smartphones the new teen drug?
With use of illicit stimulants down among young people, U.S. Researchers want to determine if online activity is the replacement high" - Globe and Mail

Would You Be Thinking Of Notorious Liberals Like The National Post Or CTV?

"Canadian media is pushing us all to be Liberal" - Toronto Sun

Optimism Is Easy When You Can't Remember What There Is To Be Pessimistic About

"Optimism comes to those who age" - Toronto Star

"Dance may stave off dementia, Alzheimer's" - Toronto Star

Newspaper Now Catering To The Much Coveted Six Year-old Boy Demographic

"Boobies Like Blue and Age Gaps" - Globe and Mail

As Any Fiction Writer Will Tell You

"Business success doesn't come by the book" - Toronto Star

I Am Confident That I Don't Trust This

"Reframe your attitude to turn doubt into confidence" - Globe and Mail

Valiant Effort To Inspire Year's Most Boring Headline Falls Tragically Short

"Democrats call for Nune's recusal" - Toronto Star

Canada Has Never Actually Won A Case, But When The Stakes Are Higher That's Bound To Change...

"In the Trump Era, Canada might need NAFTA's Chapter 11" - Globe and Mail

Chicken. Definitely Chicken


11 Out Of 10 Experts Agree: The Economy Will Take Care Of itself

"For May, the real challenge will be preserving the U.K." - Globe and Mail

If It Hadn't, Sarah Palin Could Have Seen Russia IN Her Back Yard

"Russian Remorse Over Selling Alaska" - New York Times

Sending Citizens Into Slaughter In A Pointless War Canada Had No Stake In?
Maybe The Country Deserves Its Second Tier Status

A tribute from Prince Charles was just one of many from high-profile personalities on the 100th anniversary of the critical Great War battle in a ceremony hosted by the Canadian government" - Globe and Mail

Which, Coincidentally, He Wears To Keep his Edge

"French far-right candidate strong in rust belt" - Toronto Star

Newlyweds Figure If World Is To End, They May As Well Not Face It Alone

"Post-Brexit, U. K. sees engagement spike" - Globe and Mail

That Would Never Happen In Fargo!

"Police who become moms face barriers
Study finds that once female officers said they were pregnant, they were treated as if disabled" - Toronto Star

Yeah, But "Buy Latvian" Doesn't Have The Same Ring

"Buy Canadian isn't the answer to Buy American" - Globe and Mail

A Rush 30 Years In The Making...

"What are the feds smoking?
Reefer madness: Grits rush to table pot legislation by 4/20" - Toronto Sun

Still Have Trouble Playing Nice With Other Children And A Tendency To Take Their Toys And Go Ho Home, Though

"CSIS officials, counsel learning to share information with courts" - Globe and Mail

Will Era Of Petulance And Impulsiveness Make World Safer?

"'Era of patience is over,' Pence warns" - Toronto Star

Seriously? When They Whisper, The Entire Cabinet Gets Nosebleeds!

"Our corporate leaders need to make their voices heard" - Globe and Mail

Yeah, Principles Just Get In The Way Of Making A Killing
...In Many Senses Of The Term

"Trump's New Doctrine: Ignore Doctrine" - New York Times

I'm Gonna Go With...Human Greed And Stupidity? Yeah, Human Greed And Stupidity - It Really Does Explain A Lot

"With a world food surplus, why can't we end hunger?" - Globe and Mail

Can Buddy Hack It?

"Scope of hacking attacks leaves athletes shaken" - Toronto Star

"McDonald's hacked, job applications accessed
Employment history, names, addresses of 95,000 applicants compromised" - Toronto Star

"Profane tweets result of hack: ABC News" - Globe and Mail

"Who is Karim Baratov?
Neighbours say the hacking suspect kept odd hours, kept mostly to himself" - Globe and Mail

"StatsCan was hacked after software update" - Toronto Star

"CRA online tax-filing services available again after shutdown forced by hacking vulnerability" - Globe and Mail

"Hacking for social good
Ryerson University gives coders 224 hours to solve charities' tech challenges" - Toronto Star

"WikiLeaks to offer CIA hacking tools to tech companies" - Globe and Mail

"U.S. charges Chinese citizens with hacking, insider trading" - Globe and Mail

"Netflix and Marvel targeted in Twitter account hacking" - Toronto Star

"FBI backs CIA's Russian hack claim
It's a 'fact' election meddling by Russia helped Trump win, White House officials say" - Toronto Star

"Hacking: Republicans divided over how to deal with Russia" - Globe and Mail

"'Alarming' number of firms hit by hacks in past year, poll finds" - Globe and Mail

If It's Any Consolation, The Beginning And Middle Weren't Haven't Been That Hot, Either...

This is not going to end well" - Globe and Mail

On Again Off Again Sanctions Messing With Their Heads

"Investors Cautious In Looking to Iran" - New York Times

You Bastards Are Never Going To Let Him Live Down The ACA Debacle, Are You?

"Can Trump deliver? Markets aren't so sure now" - Globe and Mail

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