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Chapter 20
June 11, 2017

Headlines Are Beginning to See a Pattern That Explains a Lot

"'What's the next mosque' imam asks after attack
Fears have been growing amid wave of hate toward Muslims in Canada, U.S."1

"Excess capacity, Fukishima fears pose threat to uranium's rebound"2
"Hate going to the gym?
Give the circus a spin”1

"Market's 'unprecedented run' underscores correction fears"2
"Resisting the tide of hate”1

"Democracy weakens in African nations
Zambia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are witnessing a police crackdown on opposition voices, inciting fear"2
"Time to turn the clocks ahead!
(Yes, everyone else hates it too)”1

"Liberals fear being blamed for city's tolls"1
"Pilot program has unique take on hate"2

The 9-year-old Doberman pinscher may admire Batman, but his greatest fear is being left alone"1
"Feds turn hate into a political sideshow"4

"Double agent facing deportation fears life would be in danger"1
"A motion to quell anti-Muslim hate shouldn't be up for debate, but here we are"2

"Investors shun oil sands amid U.S. protectionism fears"2
"How do I avoid hating my wife's family?"1

"TTC still on board with Bombardier
Streetcars on track but Metrolinx fears light rail problems persist"1
"What trumps a once-hated president? An even worse one"1

"Drought crisis, famine fear grip Somalia"1
"Why your sales and marketing departments hate each other"2

"No Frills closures hurt residents
Many fear discount stores won't reopen, limiting food options"1
"Liberals consider help for MPS facing threats
Some have noted an uptick in hate letters and phone calls since anti-Islamophobia motion"1

"Anti-sharia hysteria based on unfounded fears"1
"'There is no seat for hate here'
In honour of Women's Day, for the first time, young women filled every seat in the House of Commons and spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about issues of equality and discrimination"2

"The waning power of fear in fundraising
Jewish charities may be expert tuggers of heartstrings, but they're finding out that laying on the guilt can be a risky proposition, too"5
"Why people hate the thought of deferring their CPP"2

"LGBTQ people fear return to shadows
Community frightened that Trump's White House ready to roll back protections"1
"Hate the sound of chewing? It's in our brain"1

"Lawyer fears for refugees"1
"Hate speech vs. free speech"1

"Ontario firms anxious about labour-law reform
Many companies fear proposed changes would affect costs, competitiveness"2
"Hate crimes up, T.O. Cops say"4

"Chinese supermarkets pull Brazil meat from shelves as food-safety fears grow"2
"Quebeckers aren't thin-skinned. They just hate falsehoods"2

"Arctic oil town fears future as wells close"1
"Politics Built on Fear"3

"Lose-lose for Leafs in Buffalo
Workhorse goalie Andersen exits early amid concussion fear"1
"Ontarians a tolerant bunch
So premier can spare us her sermonizing on spread of hate"4

"Pierre Alarie sought to quell fears Canada would abandon trading partner during talks"1
"Afghan women's symphony faces hatred in pursuit of change"2

"As Towns Fade, Fear of the Loss of 'Frenchness'"3
"I've hated black men since I was a kid
Ex-soldier on murder charge tells New York investigators he intended to keep on killing"1

"Canadian schools abandoning U.S. Trips
Toronto District School Board joins wave of institutions cancelling travel south of the border for fear of pupils getting turned away"2
"Google's AI hunt for hate has a way to go
Advertiser YouTube boycott over objectionable content could be $930 million hit"1

"Radioactive boars roam northern Japan
Fears for residents returning six years after meltdown of Fukushima nuclear plant"1
"This is not my Canada
Fights over Muslim accommodation show that our country isn't immune from hate-mongers determined to poison public discourse"2

"Wynne low on juice
Approval rating at 12% amid power fears: Poll"4
"A life in the shadows
Former CSIS spy Grant Bristow recalls his years undercover in the hate-filled inner circles of white supremacy and warns that he sees signs today of its dangerous resurgence"1

"Tunisia Fears the Return of Thousands of Jihadists"3
"Councillor speaks up on hate mail
Wong-Tam reported racist, homophobic letters to police and tweeted about the letters"1

"Muslim acceptance still a delicate matter
Plan for a dedicated cemetery near Quebec City underscores tensions as broad, if quiet, support is overshadowed by grumblings of fear"2
A week in which a nerd finds national love and an airline finds international hate"1

"Developers fear 'disaster' in Ontario's review of rent controls"2
"Coming together in face of hate"1


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2. Globe and Mail
3. New York Times
4. Toronto Sun
5. The Canadian Jewish News

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