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Chapter 22
June 25, 2017

The Trouble With Marty

@asshat27: That's when I said: listen, bitch, the fork and knife go on the RIGHT and the soup spoon goes on the LEFT!

@asshat156: ha! ha! Good one!

@stansrighthand: yeah. Good one!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: How did you know?

@asshat27: what do you mean? she always put thecutlery in the wrong place. drove me nuts!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: No, I mean how did you know the right place to put the knife and fork?

@asshat27: teh internets - duh!

@asshat156: yeah duh!

@stansrighthand: you ok, Ninja?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Sure.

@asshat27: stan's right - gotta hand him that. you been actin funny all week. what the hell, Ninj?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: You guys - you won't understand.

@asshat27: what? Its not like we're yur wife or nothing!

@asshat156: HA! another good one!

@stansrighthand: yeah yeah yeah! ZING!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Okay. I don't know if this is such a good idea, but...last week, I watched Ghostbusters.

@asshat27: yeah? so? Great movie

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Not the original. The...remake.


@asshat156: what the hell, man?!!!!!

@asshat27: Why would you watch that peice of shit?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Actually, it wasn't that bad.

@asshat27: PIECE. Of. SHIiT!

@asshat156: yeah. Terriblle movie.

@stansrighthand: horrible peace of shit doesnt do it justice

@stansrighthand: really horrivle piece of shiit! with exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: It wasn't that bad.

@asshat27: how can u say that about THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE IN TH EHISTORY OF EVER?!!!!!!!!!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: I've actually seen it.

@asshat27: what does that have to do with anything?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: None of you have seen it.

@asshat27: we didnt have to see it to know it was a piece of shit! it didn't have Bill Mjurray or Dan Ackroyd in it - IT STARED GIRLS!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Actually, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd were both in it.

@asshat27: dont be an asshat. u know what I mean

@asshat156: sacrilege, man. Just the idea totaly ruined my childhood!

@asshat27: not only did it ruin my childhood, IT RUINED ALL OF MY CHOLDHOODS IN ALL OF MY LIVES GOING BACK TO ANCIENT EGYPT!

@asshat27: I didn't HAVE to see it to know that it was a PEECE OF SHIT!

@stansrighthand: u ok, man?

@asshat27: aside from a bowt of righteous anger? couldnt be better

@stansrighthand: i meant Marty.


@stansrighthand: right. Sorry. I meant Ninja

@asshat27: anonymity is the glue that holds us together and makes us strong!

@asshat27: if we use our real names, were just a bunch of angry assholes saying asshole things to each other!

@asshat27: How many times I gotta tell you that?

@stansrighthand: Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

@asshat27: Okay, then. So, Marty, WTF, man?

@asshat156: yeah, wtf, man. wt the effin f?

@asshat27: okay, 156. he gets it.

@NiNjAsSaSiN: I'm just saying the movie had some funny moments. That's all.

@asshat27: no

@NiNjAsSaSiN: What do you mean? You can't just say no like that.

@asshat156: he hee - he just did, bro.

@asshat27: if we allow an all girl Ghostbusters, what's next? An all girl Rocky? The Magnificent seven? The Dirty dozen? Alien?

@asshat27: a line has to be drawn, ninj. a line has to be drawn.

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Okay. First, Alien had a female lead.

@asshat156: no it didn't! You take that back!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: *sigh* Second, maybe having a female lead isn't such a bad thing. Women can kick ass, you know.

@asshat27: oh, yeah? Well, I got two words for you: Star freakin Warz!

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Which proves my point, but you wouldn't know because you haven't seen it, either.

@asshat27: Whut part of boycot do you not understand?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: For another thing: there were plenty of male characters in Star Wars.

@asshat27: Ninj, I gotta be honest - yur starting 2 worry me

@NiNjAsSaSiN: I'm worrying you? Seriously?

@asshat27: I dunno - you used 2b so reasonable. But now...

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Aww, come on, 27! How long we known each other?

@asshat27: I dunno...sixc, maybe 7 months?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: That's almost like forever in interwebz time!

@asshat27: what duz that have 2 do with anything?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: It seems to me that we've known each other long enough that you should, I don't know, be able to trust me?

@asshat27: trust? I've heard that word before, but I dont know what it means

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Seriously?

@asshat27: I don't like where this iz going. can we drop and talk about, I dont know, beer or something?

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Sure, 27. Sure.

@NiNjAsSaSiN: Soooooo...I guess you probably don't want to know what I thought of Wonder Woman?

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