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Chapter 24
July 9, 2017

Headlines Didn't Know What They Got Til It Was Gone

Video Of Victims Was First Clue

"Mattis says Syria has chemical weapons" - Toronto Star

Says Lack Of Giving A Shit About Country Made Winning Difficulty

"O'Leary drops out of Conservative leadership race to back Bernier" - Globe and Mail

Did That Make More Sense In Your Head?

"The paradox of standing up to Trump
In protesting for the value of objective truth, scientists risk looking like they're not objective" - Toronto Star

If Pleasing All Was The Role Of Government, All Administrations Would Offer Free Ice Cream To Every Citizen...And Even THAT Would Have Its Critics!

"Liberals' softer security tack still won't please all" - Globe and Mail

Selling It Certainly Helped Me Make A Fortune

'Don't ever underestimate the power of positive thought'" - Globe and Mail

Did You Suggest That He Was Doing It Wrong, Then?

"After sex, he suggested I get breast implants" - Toronto Star

Who Needs A Wall When Reality Stops At The Border?

"Canada to negotiate NAFTA based on facts, Trudeau says" - Toronto Star

"U.S. Renews softwood battle with 20% duties on Canadian exports" - Globe and Mail

Just Look At How Popular Being One Is!

"There is no better time to be a woman" - Globe and Mail

Except In States Where The Practice Has Been Banned

"Successful leaders focus on execution" - Toronto Star

Hoping He's A Sap?

Ontario taps Peterson for softwood lumber envoy" - Globe and Mail

In Currency Markets, Fundamentals Aren't Everything They're The Lonely Thing

"Trump talk takes toll on loonie
U.S. president's threats on lumber, dairy and NAFTA impacting markets, experts say" - Toronto Star

"Exports may double in spite of trade threats
Report forecasts growth, concludes markets are strong enough to defy Trump factor" - Toronto Star

When You Say Offensive Things, People Tend To Get Offended Who Knew?

"Advertisers rebel against The Rebel" - Globe and Mail

Is This A Trick Question?

"LeBron leaving Raps in ashes
What happens when good isn't good enough to beat the best?" - Toronto Star

I HATE When You Use That Word!

"Invest to stop hate crimes" - Toronto Star

"Possible hate crime charges" - Toronto Sun

"Hate crimes targeting Muslims rose in 2015" - Toronto Star

"AMC series to Turn Simcoe into hero
U.S. Viewers of period drama love to hate military captain who played key role in our history" - Toronto Star

"Muslim group urges quicker release of Statscan hate-crime data" - Globe and Mail

Ariana Grande pledges return to Manchester" - Toronto Sun

"The magic of Mylapore
I was ready to hate my family's hometown, but then I opened my heart to then chaos, Arjun Sharma writes" - Globe and Mail

"Killer 'showed me face of hate'" - Toronto Sun

"Oksana G.'s tug-of-war between love and hate" - Globe and Mail

"Why does North Korea hate the U.S.?" - Toronto Star

"'He needs to get hate out of his heart and open his eyes'
Trump promised to prioritize black Americans. But they continue to fiercely oppose him. The Star's Daniel Dale takes the pulse of some mightily unimpressed Virginians" - Toronto Star

"How not to hate a working mom's lot in life" - Globe and Mail

"Haters of the European Union Take Its Pay" - New York Times

"It's okay to hate bonds, but you still need them" - Globe and Mail

"As Facebook's grown, so has its challenges
As it nears 2 billion users, web giant's role evolves amid fake news, hate and terror" - Toronto Star

"Goop pop-up shop on its way to Toronto
Hollywood's equally beloved and hated brand to showcase luxury buys and 'clean' living" - Toronto Star

"Activist turning the hose on hate
Montreal's Corey Fleischer has made it his life's work to remove hate graffiti" - Toronto Star

They Still Love Us, Just From Afar...

"Despite retreat from oil sands, Shell affirms commitment to Canada" - Globe and Mail

He'll Strangle Them With His Bare Hands And Eat Their Livers
Oh, Don't Look Like That That IS Restrained For Him

"Duterte issues warning to extremists" - Toronto Star

Worst. Timing. Ever!

"Bankrupt Puerto Rico looks to mainland
Many in the island nation swamped by $123 billion in debt, pension obligations see am answer in becoming 51st U.S. State" - Toronto Star

Because Eating Is Overrated

"High minimum wages have minimum benefit" - Globe and Mail

Shame We Won't, But It's Good To Know We Can

"Canada well-placed to lead climate fight" - Toronto Star

Good To See That Death Isn't Slowing Him Down

"Ford exploring 2018 mayoral bid" - Toronto Sun

It's Almost Like There's A Correlation Between Being Money Savvy And Affluent

"Affluent millennials financially discerning
Report finds young adults with high net worth are money savvy" - Toronto Star

Barbarian! A Slap On The Wrist Not Enough To Satisfy Your Blood Lust?

"Corrupt realtors should face higher fines, group says" - Globe and Mail

It's Like Life...With Sticks

"Sometimes hockey isn't fair" - Toronto Star

Should Have Put More Resources Into Bathroom Design

"Virgin Galactic flight passes a little water" - Toronto Sun

Wouldn't Use Pronouns

"If had a boss like Trump" - Globe and Mail

TIP: If Your Employees Cannot Afford To Eat, Your Business Model Needs To Be Reexamined

"Wage hike will force some restaurants to close" - Toronto Star

...Lives On/The Good Is Often Interred With Architecture's Escutcheons

"The evil that architecture can do" - Globe and Mail

With More Rhetoric

"Innovation and prosperity: Time to turn rhetoric into reality" - Globe and Mail

And, You Thought Milly At Your Local Stop 'N' Shop Was Cold And Impersonal...!

"Checkout-free groceries head to U.K.
Amazon lays groundwork for shopping experienced built around sensors, app" - Toronto Star

Never Walk Into An Alley With A Bowl Of Soup You Don't Know

"Legislator declares war on 'killer' street dumplings" - Toronto Star

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