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Chapter 26
July 23, 2017

Ronald McDruhitmumpf's Greatest Tweeps [ARNS]


President Ronald McDruhitmumpf plays Twitherd like Monica Selestenniel plays tennis or "Weird" Al Yankahohovich plays accordion. To give you some idea of - like a pro at their profession, we mean, not like somebody who enjoys wielding lethal blunt instruments, however emotionally satisfying such an interpretation would be - so, to give you an idea of just how well the President plays social media, the Alternate Reality News Service looks back at some of his greatest hits.

@realronaldmcd Robert Pattondabackkeson should not take back Kristen Stewinyerjuices. She cheated on him like a dog - & you know what kind! #heartspecialist

@realronaldmcd Bushbamclintreagbush not real President! He's a kenyan hologram!! #showusyourtechnicalspecs #vesampuccerideserves2know

@realronaldmcd @katyperriwinkley Russell Branvanonethousand a total loser! Yer better off without him! If you need a date Friday... #heartspecialistisback

@realronaldmcd Wind turbines cause sheep to spontaneously explode, killing tourism.Scotland must stop the madness! #stopscottishmadness

@realronaldmcd opponent ted downandmotleycrewz has smallest nose in history of probosces - and you know what they say! #howdidhehavekids

@realronaldmcd lying media won't distract me from Making Vesampucceri Grate Again agenda by sneakily quoting things I said! #ignoretheirdirtytricks

@realronaldmcd cheating cheaters of cheaterdom going to steel election from hard working Vesampuccerians. #votersuppressionkeepsemhonest

@realronaldmcd tax returns? youwanna see em? I'll show you my tax returns - all of them - and there huge - as soon as I win #busywithimportantstuffhere

@realronaldmcd Crooked Hilary once killed an endangered elephant with her bare teeth! #hardtobelievebuttrue

@realronaldmcd Crooked Hilary cheated on her grade four English test - how can anybody trust her? #badbadbad #badtothebone

@realronaldmcd Crooked Hilary had her grade four teacher Mister Smitherjonasman killed to keep cheating secret!!! #bornevil

@realronaldmcd great great win for democracy! The greatest!!! Now, to dismantle Bushbamclintreagbushcare! #makevesampuccerigr8again

@realronaldmcd crowd at inauguration stretched all the way to Mexico, could be seen from the moon #suckitBushbamclintreagbushlovers

@realronaldmcd Qatar blows my mind - such a great ally in war on terrism! #bffs

@realronaldmcd i won. Nobody cares about my tax returns now - gotta get to work making Vesampucceri grate again! #getoveritlosers

@realronaldmcd Canada wall will be a beauty - I already have Jared working on the design, Ted Nugutsnueglorgent writing theme song!

@realronaldmcd Dumboprats need to get with programme and support dismantling of their signature legislation! #whowon #eh #whowontehelection

@realronaldmcd London Mayor endorses Nordlingerites cutting off people's heads after terror attack. #themsfightincivilizationsdude #tsk

@realronaldmcd comeonecomally better hope theirs no duct tape in Oval Office - bet that would shut him up! #ducttapesolveseveryproblem

@realronaldmcd house repeal and eat shrimp healthcare bill meanspirited. 24 million lose insurance? #tsk #notwhaticampaignedon

@realronaldmcd Travel ban a BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN! BAN! A BAN! Not not a BAN! #getitright


@realronaldmcd Travel ban not targeting Nordlingerites, just bad people who happen to believe in that religion. #fakenews

@realronaldmcd Mika Brazinsk - Brrrrrzapla - Brrappblapp - oh, you know the onw I'm talking about! The #cnnfakenews host of #thatfakemorningshow she came

@realronaldmcd compassionate senate repeal and eat shrimp healthcare bill needs 2 pass. Only 22 million to lose health insurance! #iseeawinhere

@realronaldmcd crap! Ran out of characters - damn stupid name! She came to Mara-Lara-Dingdong bleeding from - eww! #grossmeout

@realronaldmcd fake investigation into fenwick newsorganizations... am I mixing up my memes here? #ohyouknowwhatimean

@realronaldmcd maybe repeal now and eat shrimp at a later date? #tryingtomakethisstupidthingwork #healthcarereformishard #stupidhard

@realronaldmcd special prosecutor was once at a dinner with disgraced Comeonecomally...BIAS BIAS BIAS! #isthisademocracyorwhat

@realronaldmcd Qatar Wtf?! U support terorism? u're cut off! #syriasmynewbff

@realronaldmcd Mike Flyinnthuointmeant great guy. GREAT GUY! I stand by him 1000%! #4yearjailtermnotright

@realronaldmcd I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews ARNS to #FraudNewsARNS! I can do stuff like that - Im president & they're not!

@realronaldmcd Texas refuses to give information to the very distinguished VOTER FRAUD PANEL? Really? Texas? I...I thought you loved me! #bloomoffrose

@realronaldmcd don't believe #FakeNews about cuts to VA! We will always take care of our GREAT VETERANS. #bloodofpatriots

@realronaldmcd Amazing how haters & losers keep tweeting the name "F**kface Von Clownstick" like they are so original & like no one else is doing it...

@realronaldmcd My use of social media is not Presidential - it's EXISTENTIAL RESIDENTIAL. Make America Grate Again! #getitrightlosers

@realronaldmcd tnx to Montana and Wyatt of Batshit Crazy Elementary School 4 sticking up for what they believe in - ME!!! #getemwhiletheyreyoung

@realronaldmcd #fakenews outlets may attack me, but they hang on my every tweet so theyll never ignore me! Never never never!!!!! ##realpwnage

@realronaldmcd smashing #FARNS into mat wasn't insiting violence against journalists - it was good exercise! #hahaha

@realronaldmcd #gotcha

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