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Chapter 27
July 30, 2017

But, Uhh, Let's Not Get Aheadline of Ourselves...

ROM's Crystal Design Still Ugly

"ROM's Crystal design still debated" - Toronto Star

When It Is, You'll Let Everybody Know, Though, Right?

"This is not the time for complacency" - Toronto Star

That's Your Headline? Are You Sure You're Feeling Alright?

"Liberals strike the right balance" - Globe and Mail

Ah, That's More Like You!

"Greenpeace is a menace to the world" - Globe and Mail


"Learning lessons from last September's school bus bungle
Shortage of drivers left kids stranded, but the board doesn't plan to let it happen again" - Toronto Star

You Know What They Say: Second Wise, Hour Foolish

"As real estate cools, some are content to buy time" - Globe and Mail

You Know What They Say: Brew In Panic, Go Dry At Leisure

"Panic brewing as LCBO strike looms" - Toronto Star

Hey! If It's Good Enough For The President Of The United States...

"Beware: Your corporation is not a piggy bank" - Globe and Mail

Hey! Just Because They Have A Negative View Of Markets Doesn't Mean They're Crazy

"Oil slump comes at right time for loonie bears" - Globe and Mail

Damn Straight!
Left Has To Stop Telling Right It's Wrong To Hate Muslims...
Or, Black People...
Or, Women...
Or, Jews...

"Vilification of the right paves way for violence" - Toronto Sun

The Emotion Everybody Loves To...You Know...

"Troubled conversations of the advertising world pop up in Riviera paradise
Marketers at festival raise concerns about inadvertently funding hate sites, fake news" - Toronto Star

"Here's how much Canada hates Trump" - Toronto Star

"Don't fuel climate of hate" - Toronto Star

"You don't have to hate police to agree with Black Lives Matter" - Toronto Star

"Kindness is the enemy of extremism
When disparate communities come together with compassion and empathy, hatred and racism will be defeated" - Globe and Mail

"Hate crime data 'a wake-up call'" - Toronto Metro

"Google hires staff to battle extremism
Terrorist and hate groups to be targeted in crackdown" - Toronto Star

"Assailant hated the Republicans" - The Sun

"Accused mosque attacker made racist remarks
British Muslims say they are facing a spike in hate crimes that receives little attention" - Toronto Star

Savings From Fabric Reduction Alone Should Help Bottom Line

"Nike to cut work force and shoe styles" - Globe and Mail

I Believe It Was Frank Lloyd Wright Who Appropriated The Word For Architecture

"A sign of hope in a sea of dreck" - Toronto Star

Provincial Leader Hasn't Dealt With Anything Like It Since Grade Five

"B.C.'s NDP faces a potential math problem" - Globe and Mail

Stick To The Facts And Don't Let the Gourd Get Away With Excessive Hyperbole

"Don't let that butternut squash get the better of you" - Toronto Star

So, They Can Be As Spineless As They Want Over Issues Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling As Long As They Look Into A Group They Don't Even Have Jurisdiction Over? Makes Sense To Me...

"Cop board needs backbone
Black Lives Matter's bully tactics must be addressed" - Toronto Sun

The Planet Is Doomed

"G20 summit's action plan for climate change hinges on Trump" - Globe and Mail

It's One And A Half Times The Celebration!

"Why Canada's 150th birthday beats expo 67" - Toronto Star

Because They Are Coordinated By An Axis Of Evil Nations, Happen Every Day, Sometimes More Than Once A Day, And Decimate Whole Neighbourho Oh, Sorry, Were You Being Hyperbolic?

"Terror attacks like 'the Blitz'
Europe endures series of body blows" - Toronto Sun

It Can Start By Undoing All The Harm It Has Done In The Past

"Business has much to do if it wants to be a climate leader" - Globe and Mail

You're More Likely To Find Maple Syrup Could It Be Some Rare (And Strange) Form Of Anemia?

"Checking Canada's pulse for blood" - Toronto Star

It's Like...Concluding That Your Girlfriend Telling You That She Hates You Is A positive Sign That There Is Room For Improvement In The Relationship...

"Market crash not in the cards: Radman
Investors' continuing focus on the downside suggests that there is still room for markets to move higher, Caldwell executive says" - Globe and Mail

Because We Tried It In The Knees, And It Was Surprisingly Ineffective

"Pepper spray in face" - Toronto Sun

The Red Dealt Drugs On Street Corners
The Chardonnay Is Suspected In Three Drive By Shootings

"There's serious street cred behind these fantasy wines" - Toronto Star

They've Obviously Been Listening To Too Much Tammy Wynette

"Investors stand by their dividend ETFs" - Globe and Mail

Sometimes You Need Couples Counselling, Sometimes You Need To Run Away As Fast As You Can

"The Canada-U.S. Bond is too tight for Trump to break" - Globe and Mail

"Trudeau expects lumber ruling to favour Canada" - Toronto Star

"Canada must look beyond U.S. amid trade threats, Poloz says" - Globe and Mail

We Think Of Crypto What Now?

"Poised to soon overtake bitcoin, Ethereum is changing the way we think about cryptocurrencies" - Globe and Mail

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