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Chapter 31
August 27, 2017

The War on Headlines Claims Another Victim


Economic War is Hell

"Prepare for an all-out war for your loyalty"2

"How to fight a trade war against the U.S."1
"Farmers try to steer Trump from Mexico trade war"2
"Trade war preys on our weakness"1
"Canfor makes 11th-hour plea in trade war"2

"Pizza war's unorthodox end"1
"PointNorth launches Liquor proxy war
The activist fund, which is armed with a turnaround plan, looks to elect six directors to Liquor Stores N.A.'s eight-person board"2
"Bakeries seized in 'bread war'"1
"Wal-Mart steps up grocery wars with e-commerce drive"2

"The oil industry's biggest risk in the pipeline wars: time"2
"How British populists won the Brexit battle, but lost the war"1
"Home Capital, having achieved peace, prepares for war"2
"Qualcomm sues iPhone makers in escalating cellular war"1

"War on scalpers futile, ticket mogul says"2

Actual War is Heller


"Yemen's cholera epidemic may continue as long as its war does"1
"Experts on North Korea: Same as it ever was
Scholars and professors say chances of war with U.S. are being greatly exaggerated"1
"Venezuela may be sliding into a civil war"1
"Many South Koreans Are Unfazed by Talk of War"4

"Duterte's threat of airstrikes on schools would be a 'war crime'"1
"Invisible red lines: Trump's mixed signals risk global war"2

"Justice Seems Elusive as War Rages"4

"Caught in the fog of war
A boy who had no parents; a soldier who had no son: Ivor Prickett shares riveting scenes from Daesh's last stronghold in Mosul"1
"Linden MacIntyre explores the troubled depths of war"1
"Mahmoud and the mint plant
While war raged around us, one man's devotion to his daughter kept us grounded, Trish Newport writes"2

The Passage of Time Doesn't Make War Any Less Heller

"'War nothing but losing'"3

"Echoes from the Great War
Canadian soldier's bugle found in France to be returned to grandson"1
"Remains identified as First World War soldier"2

"Fog of war and time cloud Vimy's original message"1
Filmmaker says he wanted to tell the evacuation story in a way that was less verbal and more experiential"1

"The tragedy of Tripoli
Six years after the fall of Gadhafi, Tripoli is a divided city trapped in a cycle of war and financial crisis. It's easy to forget Libya was once one of the world's wealthiest nations"1

"Royals feel people's love on eve of war
All of Toronto seemed to wear the colours of the Union Jack as King and Queen swept through city"1
"Friendship grown across war, oceans and time
Documentary tells the story of former enemies reunited as friends in Canada"1

"After war's end, no room for hope"1

Politics is Hell, Too

"Trump's war on the media is a strategic blunder"2
"War is the 'win' Trump craves"2

"Sajjan won the battle, but what of the war?"1
"For PM, it doesn't mean a rush to war, but deciding how far he might go"2
"Tory and Wynne wage war of words"1

"Polish war museum opens amid political skirmish"2

The War on Nouns is Hell (and Hades and Heck and The Devil's Playground)

"Is Indonesia taking cues from the Philippine war on drugs?"1
"End 'war on terror'
Brit Labour leader blames campaign for Manchester attack"3
"Bill C-37 one step in war on overdoses"1

The War on Everything Else Lies Somewhere Between all the Other Hells

"Mexico's turf war spreads to the surf"1
Realtor from Australia has some strong opinions about auctions and the bidding wars that have made Toronto a war zone"1

"Anarchy in the sky
Condos have evolved into city states engulfed in civil war, where the dream of hassle-free ownership turns into a living hell"2

"'The war is on,' source says of gang rivalry"1
"War of the Game of Thrones battle scenes"1

"War of words turned into a fight over figures"1

The War on War?

"How visions of war could keep peace in North Korea"2

"How we can heal the invisible wounds of war"2
"The meaning of 'home' during catastrophe
Novel offers a glimmer of humanity as a counter to the darkness felt in the shadows of war"1


1. Toronto Star
2. Globe and Mail
3. Toronto Sun
4. New York Times

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