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Chapter 36
October 1, 2017

Headlines Connected the Dots, But Was Unable To Do Anything About the Line

1. Nothing to Fear...

"Fear The Adorable Family of Walking Giraffes!”3
"I was a neo-Nazi. I know the cure for hate”2
"Taliban to lose long war in Afghanistan"1

"El Shapo shows no fear
Teenage phenom Shapovalov wins over New York City fans"1
Unprovoked attack on a black man in Brampton”3
"I've had it with monument wars”2

"Rising floodwaters, growing fears”2
"Clooneys donate to anti-hate law centre"1
"Grocers unlikely to wage price war with Whole Foods"1

"Millennial day traders bet on fear”2
"Don't ignore hate threats"1
"Civil War monument near Cornwall shouldn't be built"1

"'Snowden's Guardian angels' living in fear"1
"Oppose hate, don't amplify it"1
"Trump's flawed recipe for victory in war"1

"Beijing's push for influence inside foreign firms stirs fears”2
"3 youths charged
'Hate crime' graffiti on school”3
"Offering Respite From War”4

2. I Hate when that happens!

"Freeze Khadr's assets: Widow
Slain soldier's kin fear payout is sheltered”3
"Twitter hate becomes a call for action
A German artist uses slurs found on the social-media platform to urge the company to act on hate speech”2
"Death of Filipino boy spurs Duterte critics
Thousands march to demand accountability after teenage boy was killed by police during president's violent war on drugs"1

"Fears raised over antipsychotic prescriptions"1
Under increased pressure to filter hate speech and criminal content, Facebook moderators - both human and computerized - are struggling to keep up. As Kenny Sharpe reports, users are being banned and can't understand why”2
"Launching the (latest) war against plastic bags"1

"Why investors shouldn't be reading too much into the 'fear index'”2
"Police appeal for tips in hate-graffiti case”2
"Better fake jaw-jaw than real war-war”2

"Why U.S. Liberals Fear Russia”4
"Hatred and violence must stop, chief says
Bellegarde cites examples of attacks on Indigenous people as he opens annual meeting"1
"The unrelenting hope of Syria's youth
A stirring documentary, The War Show, covers the outbreak of the conflict in the country and those willing to sacrifice it all for a freer life”2

"Canada puts pressure on allies to monitor far-right extremists
Goodale says Ottawa fears Five Eyes countries too focused on Islamic militants despite other threats”2
"Mississauga man facing hate-related charge"1
"Instead of helping Yemen's kids, we bloody our hands
Canadians have been spurred by pictures of young victims of other tragedies. But in this often-forgotten war, we are arming the aggressors, Saudi Arabia"1

"The sex robots are coming. Do not fear them”2
"Facebook, Airbnb on the offensive
Companies exploring novel ways to spot and stop hateful content"1
"Lebanese band plays to the scars of war”2

3. War is the force that drains our life of meaning...

"Crossbow killer feared mom would expose lies to fiancee"1
"All adults should be responsible for teaching against hate"1
"A First World War-set Henry V at Shaw, Rocky Horror at Stratford"1

"D'backs are team to fear in NL"1
"Trump's rebuke of hate groups decried as 'too little, too late'”2
"Is a U.S.-China conflict in the cards?
The old theory that rising nations usually go to war against the ruling power needs a revision for today's interconnected world”2

"Fear not: Canadians largely unfazed by global threats”2
"Starbucks founder speaks out against hatred, racist violence"1
"'My father always felt that they had been sacrificed'
Seventy-five years after the worst day of casualties for Canada in the Second World War, families travel to France to honour the heroism and sacrifice of their fathers"1

"Ontarians fear job skills are outdated, survey finds"1
"Religious leaders must stand up to hate"1
"Donald Trump marches to war - in his own country"1

Playing on our deepest fear"1
"Soul searching at the GOP
Donald Trump was the logical outcome for a party captured by the preachers of hate and resentment. Redemption won't be easy”2
"'Sanity' returns to housing market
Would-be buyers sidelines by high prices and bidding wars are now venturing back, if skittishly”2

Born of nativism and fear, barriers both psychological and and real are isolating us from each other as never before. Charles Foran looks at the roots of our divisions, the dangers they present, and the beginnings of a new way forward"2
"When self-hate fuels the actions of nations"1
"Time to end the war with North Korea"1


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2. Globe and Mail
3. Toronto Sun
4. New York Times

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