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Chapter 39
October 22 2017

Headlines Would Rather Laugh Than Cry, But...You Know...

Saudis Pat Ottawa On Head, Ask If The National Capital Would Like To Play In Traffic

"Ottawa conveys concerns to Saudis, allies over alleged vehicle use" - Globe and Mail

Teach Her To Read Books Instead?

"How to teach your daughter to stay safe on social media" - Globe and Mail

It's Been A Long Time Since Mike Harris Was Premier
Still - TOO SOON!

"Axing supply management just common sense" - Toronto Sun

They Don't Have To: At This Point, They've Pretty Much Perfected It

"Ottawa says it does not practise solitary confinement" - Globe and Mail

Male Deer Are For The Little People

"Biz owner moves bucks outside country" - Toronto Sun

Thanks For The Advice, But I Just Need To Know How To Get To Queen And Yonge

"How Trump's tax plan might be weighing on the ECB" - Globe and Mail

"How Morneau can really help Canada's small businesses" - Globe and Mail

"How two arts companies are paying it forward" - Globe and Mail

"How a theatre community got past mourning to produce an 'evolution'" - Globe and Mail

"Anne of Albuqerque
How Moira Walley-Beckett went from Breaking Bad's drug-infested New Mexico to rebooting Canada's most beloved orphan" - Globe and Mail

"How Canada is expanding its softwood lumber Markets" - Toronto Star

How email hackers lure you into a trap" - Toronto Star

"How a restaurant critic writes an ethical review" - Toronto Star

"An elite test in restraint for soldiers
Adam Jones has had to learn how not to push himself too hard since his brain injury" - Toronto Star

How our idea of the war hero has changed as the Invictus Games come to a close" - Toronto Star

"How to make children hate exercise" - Globe and Mail

So, It's Like A War Zone...In Atlantis?

"Houston like a war zone
Water everywhere - but so is compassion" - Toronto Sun

Warren Really Does Have His Hand In Everything, Doesn't He?

"Hurricanes could buffet U.S. Economy for months to come" - Globe and Mail

Be More Like Mastermind?

"Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy protection in Canada, U.S." - Globe and Mail

"Mastermind Toys opening more stores" - Globe and Mail

"This is what Toys 'R' Us needs to do now to survive" - Globe and Mail

The World Hates You (But It's Nothing personal)

"Why Equifax CEO will still get a huge pension" - Toronto Star

With The Same Old Actors?
When Did Hollywood Start Talking Like Washington?

"Terminator's casting tries to shake up 'the same old thing'" - Globe and Mail

When Good Easter Bunnies Go Bad

"Tainted egg scandal now affects 17 countries" - Toronto Star

If You Don't Believe Me, Just Ask Any Of Them

"Memo to Bill Morneau: The rich already pay their fair share" - Globe and Mail

Just Not That One

"Canada finds itself at a crossroads in tax reform and it's time to choose a path" - Globe and Mail

Certainly Not My Ego Trip

"No trip is complete without butter tarts" - Toronto Star

Gets D In Meeting Production Deadlines

"Bombardier eyes plan B amid dispute over C series" - Globe and Mail

Condoms Are Much More Durable Than People Give Them Credit For

"Squeamish about buying used items? Get over it" - Toronto Sun

SPOILER ALERT: He Uses A Really Big Dartboard

"How Buffet uses numbers to gauge a stock's qualitative strengths" - Globe and Mail

Remember To Keep Your Receipt If You Want A Full Refund

"The return of Ford nation" - Globe and Mail

Because Not Doing So Is A Crime

"When It Comes To Sex, Ask Women" - New York Times

How Incompetent Must You Be If You Can't Make A Fortune Selling LEGAL Drugs?

"Procter & Gamble braces for activist showdown
Billionaire investor poised for protracted battle with consumer-products giant over alleged financial underperformance" - Globe and Mail

It Gives Us Much More Time To Kill It...What? We Meant Adjust To It - Why? What Did We Say?

"Group urges Ontario to phase in wage hike in five years" - Globe and Mail

Blames Hash Bone-shaped Treats As Gateway Drug

"Dog on crack mauls owner" - Toronto Sun

I Know My Stock Portfolio's Performance Requires It

"Selling public utilities is controversial but necessary" - Globe and Mail

Company May Regret Not Watching The Complete Power Point Presentation

"Kellogg names new CEO amid sales slide" - Globe and Mail

Whatever, As Long As I Don't Have To See One On Every Street Corner: Amateurs

"Mentally ill deserve help, not jail: experts" - Toronto Star

But...But...But Street Corners!

"Mentally ill people need to be calmed down, not shot" - Globe and Mail

Wouldn't That Be A Swi - WAIT, WHAT?

"Equities: Are we on the very of a value-driven market?" - Globe and Mail

He's Not Nearly As Good At It As We Are

"Trudeau needs to postpone small biz tax changes after having pit Canadians against each other" - Toronto Sun

Oh, The Shareholder Humanity!

"All the President's corporate lackeys
Even as Trump's economic council evaporates, business leaders must not relent - they still have the responsibility to advance humane values" - Globe and Mail

They Formulated This Position Over A Few Beers

"Police call on Ottawa to delay cannabis legalization" - Globe and Mail

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