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Chapter 47
December 17, 2017

That's Not Conceptual, That's Pomegranate!

This is Life is a Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma Wrapped in a Jumble Month!
1. I hate to LIPOS your "VONPER YETMSS" for training a child not to PURTE, but...
2. It's ATVIL that you EDDGER up the memory that OYARN weevils OBEWLB but they don't foul down!
3. You NKRAD the EYNWIR dry? You better OGUCH up the watermelon, and make it PANYSP!
4. CNERDH me in your quadratic equations! You are so TYLUR MAREYD, I could just NIFAT!
5. That joke cannot be ONNDEU from the UDOMIP - the NORPG is just too NUYFN.
6. It is a SOULY ZARRO that cannot cut the cheese in a TOCIPE FRYRUL.
7. I KAYLEW argued that the crimes - LUPARL - in the NACIB in the woods really did CORCU.
8. Don't TORBEH to BISTUM your sample; the NERTD is to WITAA judgment in the bedroom/lab.
9. The KAHYS NORDF got DEDARM and DEDARM as the CRONEE went on and on...
10. It's SATTY! It's SEYMS! It's...PAWYSM? Whatever. Just PETCAC that all the cool kids are doing it!
11. It took the CIVEO of the LITUP to CISETB the REBNOK rhinoceros.
12. The DRYIBH ONJAB/DIELEY gave the PNOYH Vice President a sense of imminent adequacy.
13. The LETNUC PILENC came in NAYHD for the KREIB with a head cold.
15. Ooh! Get an FELUEY of the ROVYAS CARTT of the human esophagus! JEYON!
16. Here's a LONEV idea, you CUROGH: why don't you try to eat the RAVICA with a IFKEN!
17. Would you TIMERP the DORED WLONC to kiss the SOOURP torus? Really? After all that has happened?
18. XTREE pressure on the GANYT orangutan? Don't BLUMME that truth, UNSOIC!
19. The NERDT to DUEGN recalcitrant marble collectors will not help the NINBUO Union achieve MUURQO.
20. The Aetna tribal LEERD took the ENISCC route to the sacred WLOOLH JOTSI.
21. Remember that old bit of folk wisdom: FNETAT a VEFRE, DIBEA an VITACE volcanic imagination!
22. If you are GINEV a choice between SMIWHY or CADYE, HIREET will wash your windows as well.
23. Chanelling my inner warthog, I cried, "CELUN!" over the TONKYT problem of DINSIG with the LEABC company.
24. Only the OYENLL, ZOWYO from booze, could believe that the LIVDER of the VONLE was profound...
25. The violent IONLIV had the LOCTU to DARTNS us on the surface of the sun before we had the chance to EELPO.
26. The DINDEH RALAV began to SKNIRH because it hated the shows on IBCAS cable.
27. I PCLUTS, therefore I LERYAN swallow a SIDAY RIVEP.
28. That is a LAVEBI OLTAT SERHF futon sandwich, if I do say so FLYSME!
29. TALYLE, the VANLA-gazing NAPAD had a TROYSM relationship with his captain.
30. I GROFOT to LORHEL about the ENYDE manicurist in the KLYUB Speedo. My bad!
31. I'm RAYWE of the MUDIH TUNBOY our politicians offer. Stupid CHLIGT!

This month, I have my reasons, and no time for explanations.
1. Because lobster.
2. Because face planting.
3. Because burns. Buuuurns!
4. Because fantasy.
5. Because purple.
6. Because industrial plumbing supplies.
7. Because platitude.
8. Because HACKED!
9. Because rice pudding.
10. Because winning.
11. Because lampshade.
12. Because hang together or hang separately.
13. Because true.
14. Because...SCIENCE!
15. Because insidious cleavage...
16. Because 1493.
17. Because no.
18. Because nouns.
19. Because goes to 11!
20. Because brains. Braaaaaaains!
21. Because Interwebz.
22. Because doctor, dammit, not Venutian auto mechanic!
23. Because bad publicity.
24. Because mommy.
25. Because never go home again.
26. Because reality.
27. Because sometimes feel like a nut, sometimes don't.
28. Because sunshine.
29. Because said so.
30. Because conceptual.
31. Because afraid. Very afraid.

This month, it's a mixed up, muddled up, jumbled up world!
1. The GOUBS INXOT resulted in a STORYF relationship between tangelo CARIYP foes.
2. Although the GUBYG was KALEY, it did not CINTEE the past master to explore the TRUUEF.
3. VODIT, Pivot and Escrow, the most ESYDE lawyers in the XLYGAA, had a lemming LMMEEB.
4. When the cricket will POLEE with the RITEG, TRAGEH postage stamps for the UNNLAA cauliflower feast.
5. The VUMEA thumb tack would GIRBN much grief when it landed on the RILTEP MAMHYE square.
6. You may CINEW, CIWET, at the idea, but the NORLEG the lunch break, the greater the MIFYAN.
7. Harvest the AHWET, not the LIGUT, lest your TROYNH excuse be seen for the MILYFS construct it is!
8. PAHYP is the person for whom GOCIL does not GAMEDA their jeans jacket. LORHEL it from the rooftops, brother!
9. Take one IOONN, add an PUREP manager and a GUTGEN of foolishness and voila! You will RUCACE interest at prime plus .02%.
10. The blind OGILO hated the NIRDG and the SOLJET of the need to NIFEED those left behind.
11. Those with SLACS RNIKD the TOMSED beverage known as the thrice monocled primate NRCEWH.
12. Go not into XLIEE in order to CERKW the GAMMUN opus of the ROYREN aristocratic architect!
13. Lithuanian folk wisdom: Do not SORCS the CARKT anywhere but the MELDID lest the DALPIC earth swallow you whole.
14. LIBRA: TIHHC your wagon to dental SOLFS and raid the PRYTAN for the mice you last saw in the WAMEDO.
15. Be WAARE, as you see the SREDS DONLUF in 11 dimensions, that the GUFNIM litigant is always watching.
16. Sorry, but you play a SULYO GNBOO, and your DLIDEF would make a FROLLA baking soda box weep.
17. Put a NEFEC around your DNYIK lumber TXOPER and you can expect a trade complaint LIGFIN within seconds.
18. "RODPO, troop!" the Sargent ordered. "The CTHID will KANWEA to a ZEYBER new world!"
19. Despite the MERIG, the road OHDUN flame-broiled the PITPEO, pointedly ignoring the LHITPG of the bumblebee.
20. Just because the RNETD is to GULEN at tapered bikinis, it doesn't TAGEEN the TIRRAY of the flamingo.
21. Musicians! Add TAYFT CIGIN to your diet in order for your DUSOTI album to get a CONEBU on the charts!
22. The intuitive AREMF is no reason to reject the IVCCI civet, especially during the ANSOSE of the TAUQIN plaintiff.
23. I want to go out in a ZEBAL of YINAR...umm...GMOYSG...uhh - I SLUDHO have read Death's memo, shouldn't I?
24. MISUN the WOSNY regret, I wouldn't LCHIFN at delivering the CATPEK of tile samples to the entomologist.
25. If the FUTSF of goulash doesn't RULTY TARMET, we should CEERTJ the curly fries referendum results.
26. Don't be so DENYE! The SSUHL fund kid will make you SOWDRY before you hit the SCAAVN!
27. GHURS over the droopy SAYID if you must; you obviously GOOTRF what it's like to garden in an TAVCIE volcano!
28. VADIO the low WORLG of the Worcestershire LIFTEL while negotiating with the VONBIE Union rep.
29. If the DOMUN is SWNHO to display the TIMSAG of the Nine Inconveniences, you must draw a PONCAY around the entire town.
30. The WORNC wasn't adorned with a PAZTO, but it did XDECEE the SPYMIK minimum albedo.
31. The office NUGTR knew the assignment would be SEYMS, but the really CKRIYT part would be to not PIDEME the caterpillar.

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