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Chapter 53
January 28, 2018

You Know What They Say: Your App-titude Determines Your Alt-itude

Wherever You Find Yourself, There You App

"Mobile apps the traveller's little helper"1

"Apps parents don't have to feel guilty about
Sometimes travel calls for a rewrite of the screen-time rules. Stock up on software that will keep kids thinking, not just entertained"2
"Hopper to take on hotel-booking giants
Montreal startup sets sights on Expedia, Priceline by adapting wildly popular flight-booking app"2

"Exploring Toronto, one Airbnb at a time
Upon arriving in the city, using the app felt like just a necessity, but ended up offering a much better introduction than expected"2

"Toyota invests in ride-hailing app Grab"1
"Need Toronto traffic info? There's an app for that"1

"TTC launches app to report harassment"1
"New safety app aids in arrest, TTC says"1
"New app from U of T to gather key transit data"1

"Sail away for less with new yacht app"3

Life Is Like a Box of Applets

"Should kids be allowed to use Facebook?
New messaging app has parents grappling with social media questions"1

"'Uber for dog-walking' draws public criticism
Apps such as Wag and Rover hit with same scrutiny as other gig economy players"1

"Former janitor looks to clean up 'love hotels'
App maker shifts industry from sleaze, sex and suicide to tourist-friendly short stays"1

"Try an app-free way to meet potential partners 'in the wild'"1
After the 'apocalypse of dating' redesigned app hopes to get people serious about finding a partner"1 "He was still looking for guys on dating apps"1
"Refresh your cocktails and apps with cucumber"1

"Kendall Jenner quits her own app"3

Apps Will Get You Through Times of No Money Better Than Money Will Get You Through Times of No Apps

"Google unveils India digital-payments app"2
"Marketing, relationships and money synthesize in China
Social-media users don't have to be celebrities to wring cash out of their digital influence as apps emerge to monetize networks"2

"App serves up restaurant industry solutions
Pluggd uses rating system, similar to Uber's, to tackle deep-rooted work issues"1

"Mylo turns spare change into investments
Round-up app from Montreal-based company creates an easy entry into ETFs for younger investors"2

All Apps Is Local

"Anti-pot activists take aim in Montreal
Street ads for Weedmaps app under attack for illegality"1

"Toronto app helping Iranians beat censors
As authorities block internet access across Iran, people turn to tech tools such as Psiphon to resist the control of information"1

"App shines light on political 'misinformation'
Tool that reveals how voters are targeted on social media can protect election integrity"1

"Clap on and on and on: Applause app gives China's Xi a hand"2

I Got the Latest Tech - Are You Appy Now?

"Tech you can use to find deals on technology
Apps and websites help shoppers spend less on gadgets, gear and games"1
"Slumping Snapchat looks to hit 'refresh'
With stock price sliding, social media app plans makeover that will make it more like Facebook"1

"Why Apple is spending big on lacklustre Shazam
Music-recognition app has lost popularity, but analysts say value may lie in data"1
"Apple is said to be unifying appsPlan for software to work across iPhone, iPad and Mac follows Google, Microsoft"1
"Apple establishes a beachhead in Vancouver
Tech giant arrives through acquisition of Buddybuild, a developer of tools for mobile apps"1

"Your smartphone's future is all in the lens
Tech giants are betting big on face-scanning features, augmented-reality apps"1

Apps Don't Fear the Other - They Know Diversity is Strength

"Plenty of app-titude
Uber, Airbnb - our world increasingly run by amateurs"3

"Simons to launch mobile app"2

"Facebook launches new Messenger app for kids under 13"1

"Apps are automating our ancient traditions"1
"Teen's app aims to revive lost dialect"1
"Polytechnic school launches app for learning Mohawk"1

"App helps mental-health experts 'hear' if someone is suicidal"1
"Facebook buys anonymous-quiz app TBH
The application, whose name stands for To Be Honest, has more than five million users who have sent more than a billion messages"2
Dating app safety tips issued in wake of mysterious disappearances"3

"MPP wants health-app company to return funds"1


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2. Globe and Mail
3. Toronto Sun

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